How The Metaverse Will Reshape E-Commerce Forever

Since the technology to purchase goods over the internet was first introduced, there has been a divide between the real world and the digital world.

Buying goods in traditional brick-and-mortar stores gives shoppers the ability to physically touch or try on products prior to purchasing. E-commerce shopping forgoes the physical aspect of traditional brick-and-mortar shopping, but it offers unprecedented convenience, speed and access.

The Metaverse is where these two previously separate worlds of commerce converge to create an experience that will redefine e-commerce forever.

What Is The Metaverse?

The metaverse is the combination of several technological innovations that all operate seamlessly together. From NFTs to social commerce to augmented and virtual reality, the metaverse brings technology out of the digital arena and into the physical world.

While we are still only just beginning to discover the ways these technologies will impact our lives, the metaverse has already begun to establish itself as the next frontier in the digital economy.

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It’s Already Started

The very early stages of e-commerce in the metaverse are already here.

E-commerce giant Amazon has incorporated early metaverse technology into its marketplace. Its newest AR shopping tool, Room Decorator, allows you to use your phone or tablet to see what furniture and other home décor will look like in your space. You can view multiple products together, and even save the AR snapshots of your room to review later.

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